Book of Mormon: Day 1



From 1 Nephi 7:17

In this passage Laman and Lemuel become angry and bind Nephi with cords after he pleads with them to remember their Lord.


There were two parts of this chapter that touched me. The first was in verse 12 when Nephi reminds his brothers that the Lord can do all things for those that believe in Him.

His question to them: have you forgotten? Struck a strong chord with me as I realized there have been times lately where I have forgotten the miracles the Lord can work.

The other section was the simple faith that Nephi had after he was bound. He asked to be freed through his faith. His sermon go his brothers was his word, his testimony. His action,his deed was to trust the Lord in his own trial.

At times it can be difficult to be patient when we feel our own bounds tighten and the cords seem thicker than ever as we examine our trials through a world tinged lens. It is only as we look to heaven and truly plead in Faith that we can be eased from our burdens.

There have been sicknesses that have affected my life this last year, sickness that has befallen on others and myself. There have been violent acts that have effected millions. There have been discriminations that are unfair and binding.

For each and every one of those, there is a way, a hope, and a light and it is through Faith in Jesus Christ.

Though my heart hurts and is troubled at times, I have not forgotten my Lord and Saviour.
























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