A beautiful baptism!


hey all,

It was a beautiful week this week. Full of tender mercies. I am changing here. Like one of the apostles says, “you cannot lead someone to conversion without first becoming converted yourself.”
WHOA. Is that ever true? And you know what? It’s not always easy, but boy have I learned how to drop to my knees like never before. I don’t have a boyfriend anymore, I don’t have my favorite Netflix shows, or Indian food around the corner. BUT: I have Christ. I know Him in a way I have never known Him before. I feel Him in a way I have never felt before.
Let me tell you of this beautiful family.
Sean Mark
They are not just a family, they are my family too. Brother Mark is excited! He loves the Book of Mormon. He always reads. And he stopped drinking and fighting with his wife so he could worthily lead his family.
Sister Vilma. She started out by spilling her guts, telling us how she had done wrong as a mom and as a wife. And then she just accepted it all. She knew without much any outside effort that this is the truth. She just gave her heart from the beginning.
And the children? They are beautiful. They get on their knees in a circle at the end of the night. Sean Mark likes to shout Amen before the prayer is over. Kelly proudly prays without my help. And Markie? he is no longer shy to me. Just sweet. The oldest? JM, he is smart, got top in grades. And even though I had to run after to him to get him into lessons, he still sat down and heard what we had to say. Even answered the questions on his own.
We didn’t get them to be baptized, they got themselves. We just watched mostly. I love them. Oh and just to let you know? I got to hear the kids sing Ako ay Anak ng Diyos in TAGALOG. Beautiful moments. Tiny beautiful things that are God’s grace at work.
I love all of you. I pray for you. P1020234 P1020134 P1020243

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