Youth Temple Challenge


Hi Everyone,

Sister McLean felt this was so important that this is the message she wants to send all of you this week.  She loves everyone and is praying and working so hard for our Heavenly Father.  We know that you will be blessed if you accept the challenge.


Sister McLean

Challenge Counter


Accept the Challenge

Elder Andersen’s challenge is to “prepare as many names for the temple as baptisms you perform in the temple, and help someone else to do the same.”

Get inspired! Watch him issue the temple challenge.

Commit! Accept the challenge to the right.

Download the temple challenge video: 360p | 720p


Accomplish the Challenge

FIND: Find a Name to Take to the Temple

  • 4 generations not completed?

    Start by filling out My Family: Stories That Bring Us Together.

  • 4+ generations completed?

    Try the descendancy method—super easy and fruitful!


    Use to find undiscovered opportunities.

  • Need more help?

    Your family history consultant would love to help you—just ask!

  • Enter your ancestors’ names into the Family Tree at

TAKE: Complete Temple Ordinances for Your Ancestor

  • Reserve Ordinances
  • Select and Print Ordinances. Printed output is a Family Ordinance Request (FOR)
  • Perform Temple Ordinances
    • Get a temple recommend from your bishop.
    • Take your printed FOR and recommend to the temple.
    • Enjoy the special spirit in the temple.

Share the Challenge

TEACH: Share your experience with friends and family.

  • Let your light shine! Use #TempleChallenge on social media.
  • Teach others how you did it.
  • Invite others to accomplish the challenge.
  • Join the movement! Share your experience at
  • Download and share the temple challenge poster with your congregation or class.

See how others are sharing their experiences below.




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