Marissa’s Letter to Inay



Our hearts are the same. Last week when you couldn’t sleep, I didn’t either. Last week when you got a blessing, I did too. And this week when you got better, I did too…
We had area conference yesterday. Lots of revelation. I was so stressed because I am training already mom. This is my 4th transfer. I thought that I couldn’t do it. I said: WHY? And then I realized that was just a small moment. I thought of the sacrifices of our family. I thought of the sacrifices of the saints here. And when I did that KAYA KO IYAN AND KAYA MO IYAN.
I don’t have my favorite cheerleader and best friend here. But I have the Lord and so do you. We have never been closer to each Mom, me and the Lord, and you and me. That’s because of something called THE DIVINE COMPANIONSHIP. As you get closer to Him and as I do too, we get closer to each other. We are one heart one mind and one strength. It doesn’t matter the distance, what matters is our priorities and values…
Oh mama. I miss you. My heart aches. But I don’t cry as I hard as I used too. I keep the tears in my heart and just say a little prayer.
I love you more than you know. It is the way you have loved me for a long time pero matigas yung ulo ko sa yo. Maraming pesencia po casi talaga pasaway ako dati. Ngayon alam ko po na kung ano ang dapat gawin para sa ating. Here FAMILY MUNA LAGI. You know that and have known my whole life.
I love you and I will fight against the stormy winds for our family. We can do it. MOM. YOU ARE MY BEST FRIEND. You will always be my best friend in the whole wide world. I can’t wait until we reunite. Until then. God Be With You. Go to the temple.
God is real. Mosiah 4. Moroni 7:45. Jacob 4:5. We know the truth now we will be FEARLESS.
Love you.
Sister McLean

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