Training Ground


996144_10205796311541016_2183034958471134871_nI LOVE TRAINING!

It’s wonderful. We are seeing miracles. Hopefully you saw some pictures from the mission because my cards have viruses ugh. So we had a wonderful Sunday. I especially just want to tell you how wonderful this Branch is and how wonderful my companion is.
Her name is Sis Janohan! She is from Mindanao and very sweet, very caring, a little blunt, and amazing already at teaching. She went out with the missionaries in her area for about a year before she came on a mission. Oh how I love her already. It hasn’t been even a week and we are very close. Well she is sorta stuck with me! All the time! Haha.
But she has the patience and kindness to put up with my bossiness and I am trying to be both kind and bossy which my siblings can tell you is sorta hard for me. I am learning more from her though then she is from me. She has had the adjustment period of course, lots of crying, but not too much and just WORK WORK WORK. Yay. We are working very hard because we know the Lord has MIRACLES here coming from our work. So that is awesome.
The other thing that is awesome is our Branch. Especially the Branch President. He does such a great job for us and is so willing to help out. One of the brothers in the Branch Presidency worked with us yesterday. There were miracle moments in our lessons. Especially with one less active that we have been trying to help out. It is Sis Jenny’s dad. He drives the jeepney on Sundays, he has come a few Sundays in a row just to sacrament but didn’t come yesterday so we went to him with Bro Mark, and testified to him. We helped him see how the Priesthood could bless his family and help them to the temple. I could feel his motivation go up a little. He has lots of faith and desire, just needs a little more motivation! So I think he has more now! He will come next Sunday.
The other one that I was so happy to see was Sis Rodriguez, her daughter is very shy, 17 years old but comes to Church by herself each week with Jenny and Camille, also who have less active families, all young girls by themselves. Her mother came to church yesterday. We waited outside for a her for a few minutes, and she came late but she came. I can’t tell you what my heart felt from that. We have only taught her once. We owe it all to Nanay Malig, the RS President she is wonderful, blunt and loving. Teaches simply and just like a missionary, and goes visiting for a whole entire day once a week even though she is getting older and has diabetes and almost died before. Wow. The faith of these people is unbelievable.
I love all of you. I feel your prayers. Thank you for everything. You are wonderful.
Sis McLean

One thought on “Training Ground

  1. Deanna Siefke

    Sis. McLean: Is Guagua still in the Angeles Stake? And if you ever go to Dau, I have a Sister that I would like you to check on. Thanks, Sis Siefke


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