Hello to All from Guagua, Pampanga

Time is short. Just to let you all know I am doing well still. It has been hard with my Mamay passing away. I won’t forget him and his example though and it gives me more motivation to continue on in diligence and strength. I am so grateful for the blessing of technology in our day. That I could be present for the viewing. My thoughts and prayers are still with you, even as I am far.
The greatest thing I have thought of this week about my grandfather is how he loved others and thought very little of himself. I am trying to do that now. I want to be able to love like he did. Especially the way he loved our Nanay. Hearing from her about their relationship, I know they really did love each other so so much. I hope that I can follow their example of marriage someday. I love all of you and thank you for your prayers for my Nanay especially.Please keep her in your prayers always. The power of prayer is real and has the power to help each of us. I know it because I have never knelt and prayed so hard in my life as in this last week.
To let you know about our work we have a referral who could be baptized tomorrow. Her name is Katherine and she is an architect and her husband an engineer. The Lord truly has miracles in store for us. Mamay is already hard at work as a missionary on the other side. I know we now have the same purpose! To bring more souls to the Kingdom of God.
To Nanay please:
I love you so much Nanay. I miss you and I am working hard still. I want to work so hard because Mamay always worked so hard. And I want to love the way he did, unselfishly. You and Mamay are my inspiration. Be strong. The Lord loves you. I am praying in my heart always for you. And at my bedside every morning and night. May God Bless You.
Love with all my heart,
Sister Mclean

English Class with the Woods! They are amazing and so hardworking and put together this amazing class. And have taken such good care of me in the last week or so. Love them.


trike ride in an open area on our drive. Napakaganda!


Happy Birthday Breanna! Amazing food from a very kind family.


Me and Cray doing our nails together(one of our less active families) She is only 4 but just like Alexandria, very smart and very talkative haha. Love her


FHE with the Fajardos. SO much fun! Flour on all our faces after! haha


FHE with the Fajardos. SO much fun! Flour on all our faces after! haha


on our way to meet our new referral!



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