district conference

We had a beautiful meeting yesterday for District Conference. It was yesterday and the day before. Sis Dahl and I decided to fast. I am very grateful for her as a companion. I am learning so much from her. WE are very united in working hard and doing the very best we can. Sometimes there is stress of course but I am learning how I am only one small part on the long tapestry of events on God’s timeline. I truly believe there is time for everyone on this earth who has lived or will ever live or lives now to accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Heavenly Father’s purposes truly will be accomplished.

During the closing song yesterday the youth choir got up to sing Lord I will Follow Thee. In those moments of them singing the first few verses, a few tentative voices began to sing with them. I joined in the parts I could remember, looking over at Sister Gardner, a new Senior Sister Missionary who just got here this week with her husband. I felt suddenly the fervor and importance of my mission call. When I got my call I felt very little other than shock that I was actually going to the country of my mother’s birth. She began to cry but I did not because I did not understand the meaning behind my call., But when we were singing those verses it struck me vividly that the Lord has asked me to be here. That my mission call is really coming from Him. The deeper I understand this principle, the greater my love for Him. And along with that, comes the understanding that this is not a sacrifice it is a privilege and a sacred opportunity coming from Christ, my Lord and my Shepherd. I forget sometimes how much He loves me and how he truly believes me to be worthy of this calling and to be His servant here.
With that comes a deeper understanding of my calling. We are seeing miracles in Liozon. We are seeing people come out of nowhere to hear our message. I am not doing much just being here and saying the small short things that come to me through the Spirit.
Love all of you!
Sister McLean
Sister McLean and her companion, Sister Dahl

Sister McLean and her companion, Sister Dahl


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