Ang Balita (The News)



Thank you so much for taking the time to write this. I will be printing it and magbabasa uli uli, ( read it over and over) . Salamat po para sa lahat ng suporta mo, (Thank you for all your support). I really am reaching my stride like you said. I am sorry I wrote a really long letter to President Dahle this week and somehow my email time has flown by so I won’t have a post for the blog this week, but I hopefully will get some pics out maybe. Sana po,(hopefully).
Really though, I have been thinking a lot about you lately. You have been in my thoughts a lot lately. And our whole family really. There’s so much we have yet still to learn from each other as a family. I have never been so grateful to have had a nonmember father than here on my mission. It is so rare that an entire family is members. We are teaching two nonmember dads right now.
Mama, patuloy na magtiwala sa Diyos, (continue to rely on the Lord). Alam ko po na mahal kayo Niya, (I know He loves you) . Gusto Niya na magbigay sa ating pamilya na lahat ng mga biyaya na gusto na gusto po namin na magkaroon, ( He wants to give our family all our wants and desires). Lahat ay ang posible sa pamamagitan Niya, (He makes everything possible).
Thank you for sharing your vision for our family. Patuloy na maging matiyaga (Continue to endure). Huwag na kalimutan na magbasa araw araw, (Don’t forget to read).
I have never felt the power of reading and praying as deeply as I feel it here. I realized praying here that I learned from you how to pray with my whole heart. Thank you for teaching me that. The Spirit I share here and the willingness I have to be open is in large part due to you. You may think I am your example sometimes, but Mom, you are mine. Seeing the sacrifices the Nanays,(moms), make here makes me realize how much you sacrificed for me. It is different the kinds of sacrifices they make here, but the depth is equal. The way they hold their children close is the way I know you held me not too long ago. I miss you at times, of course, but here I am building part of the family that will eventually be our whole family in the eternities.
Of course I hope you can come out here and meet the people here, but if you can’t I know we will all be together in Heaven someday. That is awhile off too so there is time. If there is one person coming from my family here, isa lang, it would be you. You would have a wonderful time talking to everyone in Tagalog, and they would love meeting you. It’s a good thing I am catching the language relatively quickly because they all expect that I already learned at home when I tell them my mom is Pinay.
Love you Mom. I will be keeping you in my prayers and in my heart. How is your Book of Mormon reading? Where are you right now? Cahit na isalang verse araw araw may malawakang tulong galing sa Diyos kung magbabasa kayo, (Even if you read one verse every day the Lord will help you if you read). Alam ko, (I know). Ganyan din, sa pamamagitan ng pagdadasal at pagsisimba, (That is also true when you pray and go to church). Patuloy Mama,(I will go). Ang mabuting halimbawa nyo para sa pamilya natin ay ang susi para sa ating na pupunta tayo sa templo someday, (The key to our family going to the temple will be your good example).
Mahal na mahal kita, (I love you very much0,
Your Anak
(Your Child)
(Mom’s letter to Marissa)

Kumusta anak?

Ano ang balita?  Pumunta ako sa simbahan.  Sometimes, I read during the meeting. Today, I read this and thought it appropriate for my life  now. President Uchtdorf continued, “Patience means accepting that which cannot be changed and facing it with courage, grace, and faith…”

I get impatient when I know what I need to do with my life and have to wait a few years for it to come to fruition.  I am grateful to know that our Heavenly Father is always in charge.  I can’t wait to move and finally be done with all the programs I am in.

So grateful for such a supportive and loving family, specially your
father.  We talked about our life together and I think most couples would have had difficulty with what we have faced in our lives but for some reason we both took in strides.  Nothing fazed us and we always for the most part have been on the same page always.  I am so grateful for it.I hope you are still having the time of your life and as always
keeping positive and happy.  You seem to really be hitting your
stride.  I pray for you daily and know that our Heavenly Father
watches over you! I am so grateful  to all those that continually take care of you and befriend you.  These are the people that will give you such great joy when you look back at your mission and just hopefully they will be your lifelong friends.

Alden got in to every UC he applied for but is waiting to hear back from CAL.  I have been awful about the things I need to be doing so I am coming up with a plan in trying to get everyone to do what we are suppose to do by earning our trip to the Philippines to pick you up:) Another thing that is requiring patience.  I of course still hope Alden chooses BYU to continue his friendships with his siblings.  I am worried most about Calen and Alena and hope I haven’t ruined them.

I love you all so very much and know that you are the light of my
life.  I feel like I will follow family always wherever you are.  When Alena is gone to college, I hope to follow where our parents go and where are nieces might be.  Then when all of you have settled, I hope to have enough time to continue having our relationships and friendships blossom.  I know these to be worthwhile endeavors and that He is making this possible in terms of my life plan and goals.

I hope that your father and I will serve His people someday just as you have modeled for us.  I love you greatly and of course I miss you but I know that the people you are befriending gives my heart the comfort it needs.

Your letters are such an inspiration and it touches my spirit weekly. Hundreds of people are reading your words and hopefully it teaches them to help others such as you are doing.  Multiple countries are reading your blog as well.

BTW, I hope your former MTC companion’s family is well.  I thought they were from Vanuatu where Cyclone Pam landed.  I will pray for them.




One thought on “Ang Balita (The News)

  1. Hi Sister M! Happy Palm Sunday – I imagine it is actually a fairly well known event in your mission and that Holy Week is probably a pretty big deal. With your mother’s incredible support, I had a blast teaching the Sunbeams today about the miracle of the Resurrection. They are often distracted but some of them were quite tuned in today – and unlike seminary, when they feel the spirit, they show it :). They were touched at the Savior’s love to die undeservedly for them and they were thrilled at the good news of the empty tomb – He is Risen. I taught them that is what we celebrate when we open Easter Eggs – the life represented in the reality of the empty tomb. I have a firm testimony of the literal truth of the resurrection and that it was the completion of the Atonement, a gift from our Savior which we must all grasp and utilize every day of our lives. I wish you a wonderful Easter week! Love Sister Staking


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