Mission Pictures from Sister Carolyn Angeles Maya


These pictures were sent through Facebook by Sister Maya!  Thanks to her we are able to see Sister McLean’s beautiful face constantly and I thank her so much for her friendship to our family!  Family in this gospel reaches beyond the wards we are in.  It is truly worldwide.  Thank you Sister Maya for giving me that testimony!  Amen

10956678_1034622796549498_1804296826_n (1)

11072708_1034622623216182_838486223_n (1) 11063075_1033483763330068_734199149_n 11042621_1033483189996792_997230986_n 11040340_1033467103331734_529479745_n 11045626_1030185700326541_974121511_o 11045633_1030182670326844_1904721024_o 11039662_1028960463782398_732230092_o 11047000_1029231150421996_1074129890_n 11034791_1029761203702324_1372609817_o 11024884_1029981220346989_502921335_o 10721430_1030164286995349_156610051_n 11045633_1030182670326844_1904721024_o


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