And my new companion is….Miss Universe!


My new companion and I, probably my favorite day of my mission so far

What up everyone!
Oh wow. What a fun,crazy,full transfer week. I am having more fun being on my mission than I ever have before. It’s a whole combination of things really. I have a quote above my desk that says “A mission is not meant to be merely endured but to be enjoyed.” It’s so true. If we are not happy, why would anyone want to talk to us? We have to live the Gospel so that the people we talk to see the light in our faces. I think also this week language wise everything is really coming together. I am feeling the reality of the gift of tongues in my life. In the MTC I wouldn’t pray for the gift of tongues at first because it just seemed like this crazy thing people really just talked about in the scriptures. The gift of tongues is real though. I have only been in the Philippines a little over 6 weeks now but I can understand almost everything and am able to teach. This is not due to me or my efforts because if it was just me, I would not be this far. It truly is because the Lord gives all that is expedient to us. My new companion is Sister Dahl! She is super tall, blonde, and gorgeous too. Inside and out of course haha. How much cheesier can you get? Ok but I really love her and we have hit it off really quickly. We are both just trying to struggle our way through Tagalog but honestly we are doing so well. I am really learning from her and love the way she teaches, always asking lots of questions to people and teaching simply. Everywhere we go we definitely stick out. People love telling her she looks like Miss Universe. Oh it’s great. She sometimes plays up the dumb. blonde, American card and it just makes everyone laugh forever. But for reals she is an awesome missionary. Really hardworking and like I said I really like her teaching style of asking lots of questions.
We have been working really hard in this area and one of our main focuses this month is cleaning up the records here. If someone is baptized and it’s not recorded properly than they will need to be rebaptized again. So we had one young girl yesterday that needed to be rebaptized. Her name is Sis Jobelle and she is about 15. I could feel the Spirit really strong though and I know it was important for her so she can continue to progress in the Gospel. She bore a really sweet testimony about what the Gospel means to her and her family. Afterwards she gave me a super big hug even though she is really shy.

We are teaching two families now with nonmember dads. One is Brother Dennis. He just randomly came to Church this week and we were so excited because when we taught him later he really was so receptive. His countenance was really sweet and soft when we taught him. Afterwards I wanted to cry because I just felt so deeply how important this Gospel is for families, and how meaningful it is for his family that eventually they can go to the temple and be sealed for time and all eternity. These kind of families are the kinds of families I really prayed to meet before my mission because I know and understand what it will mean to them for there families to be wholly in the Gospel. We are really happy we get to teach him.

Our lessons have been great this week, the Spirit is really strong and when Sis Dahl talks I feel the Spirit really strong because I know she has worked really really hard to be able to speak the language the way she does. It’s important enough to us that these families here learn about the Gospel that we are both willing to work hard to learn this language. For her though I know it hasn’t come as naturally, I have had the advantage of a Filipino background and growing up hearing the accent all my life. But that’s just how much more I admire her because I know she has had to work that much more hard to learn kung paano magtagalog. And I can tell there is not a moment here that she has ever just given up, she is so persistent. It’s really fun teaching together though because neither of us are self-conscious about our Tagalog. We just go for it and if it’s a little choppy we say a few more prayers and it all works out just fine.
This is going to be a fun transfer though. The extra pressure of having an American companion who is basically in the same boat as me is helping me learn though. Plus I am leading the area now so if I don’t remember someone or where someone lives than we won’t be teaching them. But our area is pretty small and easy to remember so it is all good. I love all of you and thank you for the letters to me this week. I appreciate every ounce of support I get here. Miss you!
Sis McLean

All of us together Sis Dahl, Sis Pizon, me and Sis Pilimai


Sis Pilimai and mine 3 month anniversary together


Sis Pilimai and mine 3 month anniversary together


Pilimai and I on exchanges before our new companions got here! (Note from mom: Getting water from here is slow, heavy, and difficult! Much patience needed.)


Pilimai and I on exchanges before our new companions got here!


Sis Pilimai and I together for 3 months and counting now!


Lunch with zonemates at ITC


One thought on “And my new companion is….Miss Universe!

  1. Kimberlee

    Dear Sis M – So joy inducing to read that you are also having a good time! Your pics certainly radiate happiness and loving connection to your companions and to those others you serve. It’s wonderful to read that you and Sister D. are having fun as a companionship and that you are “hitting your stride” with some of your goals. If you think about what that phrase means, it definitely indicates a lot of work – you can’t hit your stride without doing a lot of walking (physically and spiritually) to find out what your stride is! You’ve been putting in great work and reaping so many rewards of so many different kinds that it is hard to count them all. Even as new challenges in life always come our way. But when we are “in stride” with ourselves and with our Savior, we can find strength to take them on and grow from them. I send wishes and prayers for an amazing transfer together. Love Sis. S. PS: I am not sure that you want to follow my blog. It isn’t a personal blog. It is a teaching blog. Students will be putting up projects for my classes on Women’s Changing Roles in U.S. Society.


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