Adopted family pala!



Hi everyone!

This might be a somewhat short email but know that I love all of you and think of all of you lots. This week has been good, I am feeling more at ease here and the language comes along better every day. I am starting to gain more confidence in how to be a Sister Missionary but also how to be myself too. This week I was able to contact on the bus riding to follow up training and coming back too and I was so happy because I am really bad at the initial conversations which is funny because that is what I am good at in English.
We had some really good moments together this week. We had an especially good day yesterday. Though we had to walk a lot back and forth between two of our areas, at the end of the night we had 4 lessons in 2 hours. It was bam bam bam. Our last appointment was with bro Arthurr and his family and we did a family scripture study from 1 Nephi 16. Bro Arthurr is such a joker, but it’s good because he always makes me feel at home. They have 6 kids and a lot of them like to joke and tease too. Anyway, we were having scripture study and we were trying to be somewhat serious but it’s pretty hard with Bro Arthurr. His oldest son was home for awhile from Olangapo and he was reading, and we were asking each of the kids what they could do to help their Dad feel supported in the Priesthood. Sis Emps says, ‘It’s okay huway ka mahiya(don’t be shy), we are all here just sharing as a family.” And the son goes, ‘Oh as a family? You guys are family too?” Emps is like, “Yeah, adopted family!” Then I was like: “Hey! We are here more than you.” They all laughed at that one. Then later Emps asked one of the daughters to read but then she called her by the wrong name. I was like: “Oh adopted family pala!?” Haha. It was great. But on a more serious note, Bro Arthurr really felt the Spirit and touched by his children’s comments about how they would support him as their father and Priesthood holder in the home.They all said how they would pray for him and how they would always remind him of his calling to uphold his worthiness of the Priesthood. He almost started crying but then his daughter was teasing him and he was like”I’m going to punch you.” So there went our serious moment. After though, he immediately was like,”well what can we do to honor Mama?” It really showed what his priorities are, and we told him we would do a special lesson for Sister Anna next week.
We also have a few new investigators including Sister Syra and Bro Amayo. Bro Amayo is the only nonmember of his family, and he is really honest and open with us, really so sincere. Last night he prayed at the end of our lesson. I can’t explain what it is like to hear an investigator pray for one of the first times. It is like hearing a child pray, so simple and so sweet, the Spirit was really strong as he asked for such simple things, and you could tell he was really thinking because there would be long pauses in his prayer.
Anyway, I will try to be better at making time for my general email next week. Thanks for all the support. I found out this week that someone here that we have teach once in awhile has been reading my blog! You never know who is blog stalking you I guess. Feel free to share for reals though. And don’t be afraid to talk to people you know about the Gospel, if you are a member to share and if you are a nonmember to ask questions.
Love all of you,
Sister McLean

at the beach! It’s a long walk to this investigator’s bahay, but it’s worth the view!


pochero lunch outside on our patio set!


Sis Lizada who just got back from her mission and us!


at the beach! It’s a long walk to this investigator’s bahay, but it’s worth the view!


with our district leader and a few other missionaries


with the sisters we got here with

bahay mates all together

bahay mates all together


One thought on “Adopted family pala!

  1. Hi Sister McLean!
    I appreciate all of your posts, but last week was a special one – it was great to hear that were experiencing joy from seeing progress in your individual missionary goals. And it was impossible not to experience joy from all of the beautiful faces filling your pictures – the joy of service (and the natural beauty of the area) are like feasting. Of course not captured (thankfully) are pictures of mosquito bites, the high humidity etc. Looking at your pictures makes me think of the joy with which we all shouted at the opportunity to come to this earth. We knew it would be challenging – although we didn’t really understand exactly the types of challenges – but we were willing to do whatever it took. And if we remember that, there is so much joy we can capture, even in the midst of tough challenges.

    We had a great talk in church today reminding us succinctly of the three reasons for mortality:
    1) Take on the flesh and blood that our Father has
    2) Have experiences away from our Father’s presence – different experiences than would have been possible in His presence
    3) Learn to keep His commandments.

    In general we are excited about life and about opportunities to serve and grow. Life never stops stretching you – we can testify of that. We appreciate all of the good service that missionaries provide the world over as they work to carry this good news to all they meet.

    Your Mom is the best partner in Sunbeams ever. We are having fun, although we have challenges aplenty in helping the cute young folks adjust to Primary. I’m so grateful to work with her.
    Have a great week! Love Kimberlee


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