Getting my feet wet(and dirty) IN THE FIELD


Stories from a Sister

In the field. In the field.

Lahat ng mga kaibigan at pamilya ko! (All my friends and family!)

HELLO PO, (sir or maam).

I AM IN THE FIELD. WOOOT. I’m so happy and can’t believe that it is all happening already. We left Wednesday very early in the morning from the Manila MTC to travel to the mission home and meet our new companions. Driving to our mission and just passing all the rice fields and the little bahays, (home), on the side of the road I started to think of all the people living here. How humbly they live. When we went tracting in Manila so many of the families we saw had so very little. These people are so happy though. And so so friendly too. Anyway. Eventually we got to Olangapo and President and Sister Dahle picked us up which was nice because at least we knew their faces and Sister Dahle…

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