Watching The District


I invite anyone who is interested to learn more about mission life to watch the videos here. They illustrate what being a missionary is like and have helped me understand how to prepare to serve. I have watched the first two, and seeing how missionaries use their preparation daily was very motivating to me as I read my scriptures and bring the Gospel into my heart. Seeing the struggles the Sisters and Elders have out there makes me realize how greatly I need to strengthen myself now spiritually.

It isn’t for me that I do this, but for the people I will meet and teach in Olangapo. Even though I have not met these people yet, I already feel a great love in my heart for them. I think of how 40 years ago, two Elders sat down and invited my Nanay and Mamay to be baptized. It was this simple invitation that changed not only their lives, but their children’s lives, including my mom, and eventually through her, it changed my life. It’s not that this could happen on my mission, it is that it will happen. Someone will be touched, they will accept the Gospel, and it will bless their lives and their family’s lives forever. I am already praying for these people. There’s a lot left before I get to meet them and share, but that time will go by too quickly. I hope I can sacrifice what I need to in order to prepare myself better and focus more fully on serving. Watching these wonderful missionaries in The District working so hard made me realize what I am gearing up for, and how it won’t be easy in the least bit, but it will be worth it.

Watch more of The District, Series 1 here:

Peace and blessings,

Sister McLean


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