Opening My Call


I just opened my mission call a few minutes ago and I have been called to labor in the Philippines Olongapo Mission reporting December 10th.

I am so excited to accept this call to serve the Lord and to get to know the people in that area. This is especially meaningful as I am half Filipino. My mother’s parents converted in the Philippines in 1974, and it was then that the Gospel of Jesus Christ was first introduced into my family and eventually to me. All of it coming full cycle makes this a very special moment for me. I am also excited to learn Tagalog, as half my family speaks that as their first language.

Most of all, I am so honored to be able to represent Jesus Christ and to invite people to come unto Him. I know there are so many people out there in Olongapo that I will have the great opportunity to meet, and I already know that they will all change my heart for the better. My heart already is full of love for these people I haven’t even met yet, and in the coming months I will be praying for them to have experiences to help soften their hearts and direct their minds towards the Spirit of God.

All of you out there that are reading this, many of you have been so important and influential in my life. Thank you for that. Thank you for the steady, kind, and good examples you set for me. Many of you believed in me when I did not fully believe in myself. For that, I cannot have enough gratitude.


Sister McLean


One thought on “Opening My Call

  1. Kimberlee Staking

    Sister McLean – I am so thrilled with this amazing news! What an exciting opportunity – made just for you, as the spirit testified to you even before the call came. Congratulations. You will be a great blessing to the people there.


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