Waiting For My Call


After my papers were processed and completely in, all that was left was to wait. I had seen several other Sisters and Elders wait for their calls. I figured that I might feel some excitement and anticipation, but I knew it might be a little different for me.

I had watched a few mission calls opened and immediately knew I would not have a big crowd watching me when I opened mine, because for me I know that it will be a hugely emotional moment when I read where I am going. Being home with my family right now is perfect because it lets me be with the people I am most comfortable sharing this personal moment with.

Waiting for my call has not been a chore like I thought it would be. Now that my call has been assigned and could be in my mailbox tomorrow, there is that excited anticipation, but it is still tempered with the reverence of knowing where I am going is divinely appointed. These last few weeks(almost a month, wow!), I have been focusing on spending time with my family and honoring my new temple covenants. I have felt a new strength of mind from having a greater commitment to the Lord through the opportunity to participate in these temple covenants. I also feel blessed to have this time where I am truly flexible to go anywhere in the world. I am happy to accept a call to serve anywhere from Nebraska to the Netherlands. I know wherever I go, that is where I am meant to be.

It has also been a blessing as I explain serving a mission to my family as I do not know where I am going yet, I can focus in on the simple reasons why I am going and those don’t get confused with going to a certain place. I have felt immensely blessed to have both immediate and extended family that loves me so unconditionally. Some may not understand entirely why I am choosing this, but all of my family has been supportive and sought to understand my commitment to my own faith. The family relationships I have are very important to me, so I am so happy that conversations regarding my mission have been going really well. I have felt particular gratitude to have a nonmember father who is encouraging, supportive, and excited for me to have this opportunity. I owe much of who I am to him and to the rest of my family.

My mother also has been a great help to me, as she was there to go through the temple with me, and as she has been praying and fasting for me to make this decision to serve for quite some time. Learning how much she thinks of me and the rest of us kids makes me understand better how awesome of a mom she really is.

Besides spending time with my immediate family, I have been able to spend time with my extended family as well. I also am applying to be a substitute teacher in California after passing an exam here and will hopefully start that soon. Anyway, my call should be here within the next few days now, so I will post again on here then.

Until then,

Sister McLean


2 thoughts on “Waiting For My Call

  1. Kimberlee Staking

    I’m so thrilled you’ve decided to do a blog, Sister McLean. I look forward to following it. I’ve loved the wonderful spirit in your first two posts. Congratulations on deciding to serve and having a wonderful series of events to confirm to you that you are making a great choice to do so. Kimberlee Staking


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