Putting My Papers In


Before going on a mission, you speak with a few different leaders in the Church. The first local leader is your Bishop, who presides over the congregation in your immediate area. I had been in touch with my Bishop regarding serving a mission several times in the last year, and had an initial meeting with him to let him know I wanted to restart my papers on July 31st. By the following Sunday, I had done all the paperwork I needed to and was ready for a final interview with him and then the Stake President. I also felt very directed to go through the temple to take out my endowment as soon as I got home and could go with my mom. Going through the temple is an important step as there are new covenants and promises you make in there when you take out your own endowment. I felt it was important that I have the strength of this new covenant as I prepared to serve. So after making sure I had everything together, I setup an appointment for August 12th to meet with both my Bishop and Stake President.

My Bishop and I spoke and he asked me if there was anything I would like him to include on his comments that would be put in with my papers. At that time I felt the words fall out of my mouth, “I am very flexible to work with many different personalities.” As soon as I said that, I realized the implications of this, and even joked about it with him, but in my heart I knew what this could mean. However, I still didn’t regret telling him because I knew the Spirit had directed me to say that simple sentence and that it might help my Mission President place me where I need to be on my mission. After going through the temple recommend questions with him, I asked a few logistical questions and then headed over to my Stake President’s office.

I was prepared for a very invasive, interrogative interview with the Stake President. I had heard floating around that it might be uncomfortable and feel prying. That was not my personal experience at all. There was a very special Spirit in the room as I felt very comfortable and could feel of his humble and sweet kindness for me. We went over a few scriptures and spoke about why I decided to serve. I told him that I already knew that I needed this to help me become better and to learn from the people I will meet on my mission. He asked me if I could do as the scriptures say in D&C 4:2-5 and serve with my whole heart, might, mind and strength. I had to pause before I answered because I could feel the enormity of the question implied: Are you ready to give your whole self? I answered simply, “I want to try.” As we continued to read, he told me that that was all that was required as later in the scriptures it says, “if you have desires to serve God ye are called to the work.”

As the interview went on, I felt wonderfully privileged to meet with such a kind and gentle fellow man, and he shared with me several other things that brought me a great deal of comfort. We also went through the temple interview questions a second time, and he signed my recommend to go through the temple. This time as I answered them, I thought of the wonderful blessing and privilege I had to be worthy to attend the temple. I felt grateful as I thought of going to this sanctuary of peace and learning.

Afterwards, I felt such an immense peace as I have not felt towards any other decision in my life. People had begun to ask me if I was excited to go. Definitely, there is an excitement to share, to have this unique opportunity to do so, but more than that, the overwhelming peace and confidence I feel has brought me great joy. From this, I can tell I am making the right decision.


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