Book of Mormon: Day 1



From 1 Nephi 7:17

In this passage Laman and Lemuel become angry and bind Nephi with cords after he pleads with them to remember their Lord.


There were two parts of this chapter that touched me. The first was in verse 12 when Nephi reminds his brothers that the Lord can do all things for those that believe in Him.

His question to them: have you forgotten? Struck a strong chord with me as I realized there have been times lately where I have forgotten the miracles the Lord can work.

The other section was the simple faith that Nephi had after he was bound. He asked to be freed through his faith. His sermon go his brothers was his word, his testimony. His action,his deed was to trust the Lord in his own trial.

At times it can be difficult to be patient when we feel our own bounds tighten and the cords seem thicker than ever as we examine our trials through a world tinged lens. It is only as we look to heaven and truly plead in Faith that we can be eased from our burdens.

There have been sicknesses that have affected my life this last year, sickness that has befallen on others and myself. There have been violent acts that have effected millions. There have been discriminations that are unfair and binding.

For each and every one of those, there is a way, a hope, and a light and it is through Faith in Jesus Christ.

Though my heart hurts and is troubled at times, I have not forgotten my Lord and Saviour.
























Letter to Our Missionaries


I’m home.
This is one of my last blog posts here. My last one will be my homecoming talk. This one is a letter for our dear missionaries:

Hello Missionary Friends!

Its good ol Sister McLean. I wanted to give a shout out here from America on my blog to all of you hard working members of Gods army over there. Its a thank you letter. And a testimony.

I was having a very hard time. My grandpa died on May 8. I thought I could be okay.

My grandpa was Filipino. Nakapunta siya dito sa America noon 1820. Maganda po siya pero bago yung mission ko, walang serious sakit. Namatay po siya unexpectedly.

I kept going. I thought I could do it. I wanted to because missionary work is the number one most fun work EVER. 
Im being totally serious. My hair was falling out. I tried to stay. I really did.

My sister missionary friend said this: siempre stressed ka, set apart na tayo. Kailangan natin na maging sensitive and let our hair fall out.

She is super sweet. Has a medical mission issue so had to be out of the field for awhile. I did too. I have emotional and mental well-being issues to resolve. Its also just hard being a 23 year old American sister.

Well. Im out of the mission field. I still have a field its just in America now. I love America as much as Elder Furniss, but its still hard.

Anyway the point is this. Thank you.
You didn’t know what was going on.
Maybe you still don’t get it.
But you were all there.

FOR realsies. I really love all of you like the family we were. I tried to pray for you when I remembered too. I care for all of you, especially the sisters. Always take care of them. Its not easy. Being a sister.

But it is WORTH it. Thanks for enriching my testimony with your light and knowledge. I’m in my own part member family now. Kita kits ni lang.

I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God. Through him, the restored Church is on the earth today. The Book of Mormon is true. I have read it. We are the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. WE know it. WE live it. WE love it.

Bye for now guys. Write me when you have the chance at my gmail. I want to support all of you. I’ll try to write back.

Life is good. Not perfect, but good and figuring things out for myself and my future family. The world we live in does not help me want a family. But the prophet I love, President Monson. He does. I’m working it all out and living in the moment.

As President Monson says: find joy in the journey. I know he is a prophet. I also know that the Atonement is real and perfect and the single most important event. I’ll never understand it. I’m going to keep trying, striving, and going to the temple.

I love all of you from the bottom of my little heart. Never give up. Cry when needed and then teach like the consecrated people the Lord and President Dahle helps us to be. We can do it. Bless your hearts dear Elders and Sisters. I can’t put you in my pocket, but you are in my heart now. And there’s no getting out.

I bear solemn witness that all of this is true. Christ lives. He died for you and me. He has never left me. His love is unconditional. He lives.

In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Sister McLean
Moroni 7
Charity never faileth.

A beautiful baptism!


hey all,

It was a beautiful week this week. Full of tender mercies. I am changing here. Like one of the apostles says, “you cannot lead someone to conversion without first becoming converted yourself.”
WHOA. Is that ever true? And you know what? It’s not always easy, but boy have I learned how to drop to my knees like never before. I don’t have a boyfriend anymore, I don’t have my favorite Netflix shows, or Indian food around the corner. BUT: I have Christ. I know Him in a way I have never known Him before. I feel Him in a way I have never felt before.
Let me tell you of this beautiful family.
Sean Mark
They are not just a family, they are my family too. Brother Mark is excited! He loves the Book of Mormon. He always reads. And he stopped drinking and fighting with his wife so he could worthily lead his family.
Sister Vilma. She started out by spilling her guts, telling us how she had done wrong as a mom and as a wife. And then she just accepted it all. She knew without much any outside effort that this is the truth. She just gave her heart from the beginning.
And the children? They are beautiful. They get on their knees in a circle at the end of the night. Sean Mark likes to shout Amen before the prayer is over. Kelly proudly prays without my help. And Markie? he is no longer shy to me. Just sweet. The oldest? JM, he is smart, got top in grades. And even though I had to run after to him to get him into lessons, he still sat down and heard what we had to say. Even answered the questions on his own.
We didn’t get them to be baptized, they got themselves. We just watched mostly. I love them. Oh and just to let you know? I got to hear the kids sing Ako ay Anak ng Diyos in TAGALOG. Beautiful moments. Tiny beautiful things that are God’s grace at work.
I love all of you. I pray for you. P1020234 P1020134 P1020243

Marissa’s Letter to Inay



Our hearts are the same. Last week when you couldn’t sleep, I didn’t either. Last week when you got a blessing, I did too. And this week when you got better, I did too…
We had area conference yesterday. Lots of revelation. I was so stressed because I am training already mom. This is my 4th transfer. I thought that I couldn’t do it. I said: WHY? And then I realized that was just a small moment. I thought of the sacrifices of our family. I thought of the sacrifices of the saints here. And when I did that KAYA KO IYAN AND KAYA MO IYAN.
I don’t have my favorite cheerleader and best friend here. But I have the Lord and so do you. We have never been closer to each Mom, me and the Lord, and you and me. That’s because of something called THE DIVINE COMPANIONSHIP. As you get closer to Him and as I do too, we get closer to each other. We are one heart one mind and one strength. It doesn’t matter the distance, what matters is our priorities and values…
Oh mama. I miss you. My heart aches. But I don’t cry as I hard as I used too. I keep the tears in my heart and just say a little prayer.
I love you more than you know. It is the way you have loved me for a long time pero matigas yung ulo ko sa yo. Maraming pesencia po casi talaga pasaway ako dati. Ngayon alam ko po na kung ano ang dapat gawin para sa ating. Here FAMILY MUNA LAGI. You know that and have known my whole life.
I love you and I will fight against the stormy winds for our family. We can do it. MOM. YOU ARE MY BEST FRIEND. You will always be my best friend in the whole wide world. I can’t wait until we reunite. Until then. God Be With You. Go to the temple.
God is real. Mosiah 4. Moroni 7:45. Jacob 4:5. We know the truth now we will be FEARLESS.
Love you.
Sister McLean

Youth Temple Challenge


Hi Everyone,

Sister McLean felt this was so important that this is the message she wants to send all of you this week.  She loves everyone and is praying and working so hard for our Heavenly Father.  We know that you will be blessed if you accept the challenge.


Sister McLean

Challenge Counter


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Elder Andersen’s challenge is to “prepare as many names for the temple as baptisms you perform in the temple, and help someone else to do the same.”

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Training Ground


996144_10205796311541016_2183034958471134871_nI LOVE TRAINING!

It’s wonderful. We are seeing miracles. Hopefully you saw some pictures from the mission because my cards have viruses ugh. So we had a wonderful Sunday. I especially just want to tell you how wonderful this Branch is and how wonderful my companion is.
Her name is Sis Janohan! She is from Mindanao and very sweet, very caring, a little blunt, and amazing already at teaching. She went out with the missionaries in her area for about a year before she came on a mission. Oh how I love her already. It hasn’t been even a week and we are very close. Well she is sorta stuck with me! All the time! Haha.
But she has the patience and kindness to put up with my bossiness and I am trying to be both kind and bossy which my siblings can tell you is sorta hard for me. I am learning more from her though then she is from me. She has had the adjustment period of course, lots of crying, but not too much and just WORK WORK WORK. Yay. We are working very hard because we know the Lord has MIRACLES here coming from our work. So that is awesome.
The other thing that is awesome is our Branch. Especially the Branch President. He does such a great job for us and is so willing to help out. One of the brothers in the Branch Presidency worked with us yesterday. There were miracle moments in our lessons. Especially with one less active that we have been trying to help out. It is Sis Jenny’s dad. He drives the jeepney on Sundays, he has come a few Sundays in a row just to sacrament but didn’t come yesterday so we went to him with Bro Mark, and testified to him. We helped him see how the Priesthood could bless his family and help them to the temple. I could feel his motivation go up a little. He has lots of faith and desire, just needs a little more motivation! So I think he has more now! He will come next Sunday.
The other one that I was so happy to see was Sis Rodriguez, her daughter is very shy, 17 years old but comes to Church by herself each week with Jenny and Camille, also who have less active families, all young girls by themselves. Her mother came to church yesterday. We waited outside for a her for a few minutes, and she came late but she came. I can’t tell you what my heart felt from that. We have only taught her once. We owe it all to Nanay Malig, the RS President she is wonderful, blunt and loving. Teaches simply and just like a missionary, and goes visiting for a whole entire day once a week even though she is getting older and has diabetes and almost died before. Wow. The faith of these people is unbelievable.
I love all of you. I feel your prayers. Thank you for everything. You are wonderful.
Sis McLean

Transfer completed! And a beautiful baptism to finish things off :)


Hello everyone,

Sorry it’s been awhile since my general email has come around. As my mom posted my talk from my Mamay’s funeral last week, you probably heard about his passing. I have been focusing on writing mostly my family each week lately, but I do want to update on a few things. My companion Sis V just left earlier to go home. Her mission is done and she served very honorably. I learned a great deal from her.   I am excited to meet my new companion soon! I will be on exchanges with Sis Marsh and Sis Cervantes the next two days. Woot! Oh and excited to maybe get a little lost in the next week as our area is huge! Haha. Dora Dora!(slang for adventure time!)
It was a very full week and so many blessings raining down from heaven upon me right now. Though my heart has hurt from Mamay leaving this world, I know that the work of salvation is the best way to remember him. The choice he made to accept the Gospel and hold to the rod for his whole life now effects generations. Me being one generation, my future children another, and onward. But also right now, his choice to join the Church effects the generations of families here that I am helping. There are many many families without the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Being part of a family who has accepted that message means I have a sacred obligation and privilege to SHARE. And so do you! If you are reading this and are a member, that obligation is just as much yours as it is mine. BE FEARLESS(like my Mom said in a previous post).
We had a beautiful baptismal service for Sis Anita this last week. She is an amazing woman. When she was young, she lost her first husband, and was left with her daughter to care for on her own. She was only in her early 30s at the time. With the way things are here, she was forced to move to Manila to work on her own and leave her daughter to her sister to care for. From her sacrifice and hard work, she was able to provide a better life for her daughter but the cost was their relationship. Now that her daughter is grown, their relationship is at the very best shaky. But as Sis Anita describes, God loved her enough to give her another chance. Eventually she met and married another man, but at that point she was too old to have children of her own. She wanted very badly to have another kid, but with no real options. Then she met a young girl who had a baby, and like she says, “binigay lang” or she gifted her a little baby boy. Because of how firmly Sis Anita believes this to be a direct blessing from Heaven, she named her little baby boy Heaven. And boy, he sure is a little piece of Heaven. He is about 18 months now and I have never seen such a smiley kid. Like you don’t have to try at all, you just look at him and he smiles this big huge smile. Very sweet.
Well, eventually the missionaries found Sis Anita, over a long period of time she has been taught and developed a very strong testimony. At her baptism she told of what she felt after her immersion. She said she felt as if she were floating, that her body in a sense wasn’t really here. She had to hold tight to her baptizer, Gerald, just to stand and walk out of the font. Though there were challenges and temptations right up until the day of her baptism, she persevered and made the right choice. Her husband tried to prevent her from coming, but she still did. There was a very special spirit that filled the room at that time. I am incredibly privileged to have been there and to know Sis Anita. She is incredibly generous to us. She sewed me a cute case for my thermos water bottle that I love,and many of the times we come over she has what I like to call “The Anita Specialty Sandwich” which is basically just a perfected egg sandwich. The way she treats us as missionaries is really like we are her family. I am very excited for her as she continues on in this Gospel.
The other experience from this week that I would like to share is from this last Sunday. It was Sister Villaviles last Sunday ever as a missionary. Our Gospel Principles teacher who is this incredibly energetic, enthusiastic sorta hipster guy gave a talk. He loves telling stories and is really good at it. He told this story about a son who was always rocked to sleep by his mother with the words: I love you forever. I love you forever. You’re still my baby boy. When Bro Brian told the story he literally sang the words. It was very cute. Anyway the story is basically the mom always sings those words to her son even as she grows old, and before he can really thank her or be kind to her, she dies. It’s sorta a spinoff version of my favorite children’s book that was also my first Church talk, I”ll love you Forever by Robert Munsch. Afterwards, he testified how really no matter what we do no matter how pasuway(disobedient) we are, Heavenly Father is in Heaven looking down at us and singing that song. Afterwards, we all sang I am a Child of God together. We always sing that song for lessons, and our investigator family, the Ceranos was sitting behind us. All three of their children began to sing it too. I knew they knew the words because Sis V and I had sung them, and then their parents have too. I was filled with the Spirit to know how those children will be effected by this Gospel the way I have been accepted by the Gospel. I thought of little Alexandria and Maya singing that song. How the simple lyrics can change someone’s entire perspective on life. How someday I will sing that same song to my children too. The knowledge we have that we are children of a loving Heavenly Father who knows us personally and has a specific plan for us is a great privilege. I am so blessed to share this privilege with families right now.
The Lord is working miracles, we also had another investigator Sis Katherine come to Church. She has many many questions and it was very hard for her to come but she did it! Because of faith and because of miracles. He is ready to work miracles in your life too. I know it, wherever you are, whoever you are. Whatever you are struggling with, the Lord knows your heart and He will heal it.
I love all of you!
Sister McLean

“Sister Anita’s baptism in Guagua! What a happy day! Sister Anita bore a beautiful testimony after her baptism. The Spirit was so strong!” – Sister Wood


“Sister Anita’s baptism in Guagua! What a happy day! Sister Anita bore a beautiful testimony after her baptism. The Spirit was so strong!” – Sister Wood


“Sister Anita’s baptism in Guagua! What a happy day! Sister Anita bore a beautiful testimony after her baptism. The Spirit was so strong!” – Sister Wood


“Sister Anita’s baptism in Guagua! What a happy day! Sister Anita bore a beautiful testimony after her baptism. The Spirit was so strong!” – Sister Wood